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Workforce Safety & Insurance (WSI) provides exclusive coverage of the state’s workers compensation insurance.  WSI services approximately 20,000 employers and has approximately 40,000 claims each year.  Of these claims it is estimated that as many as 35% of these injuries can be associated with poor ergonomics in the workplace.  To address these concerns WSI has partnered with North Dakota businesses to address ergonomic concerns in the workplace.


The Ergonomic Initiative is an onsite program that may include:

  •Ergonomic assessments

  •Development of an ergonomic intervention plan

  •Training of employers/employees

  •Researching equipment/interventions

  •Assisting employers with completing the Ergonomic Grant Application

  •Follow up visits to ensure interventions are effectively being utilized


Under the Ergonomic Initiative Program reimbursement is paid in a 3:1 match with the employer, with WSI paying 75% of the cost and the employer 25%.   This is a wonderful opportunity for employers to provide a safer work environment for their employees at a great price!


First Choice Physical Therapy has worked with numerous businesses including manufacturing, office, oilfield, service industry and healthcare.  First Choice Physical Therapy has been identified as an approved provider for services under the Ergonomic Initiative Program since the beginning of the program in 2009.  






In participation with the Ergonomic Initiative Program, WSI is offering financial assistance to be put toward the purchase of ergonomic equipment.  This grant is only available to employers who have already participated in the Ergonomic Initiative.  Through this grant employers may be eligible for a 3-to-1 matching grant with WSI contributing 75% of the total grant amount or up to the lifetime maximum award.   The maximum award is based upon the Standard premium for the most recently completed premium period.  The lifetime maximum award is from $2,500 to $20,000.  


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