First Choice Physical Therapy Inc.



If you are experiencing pain – whether from neck or back conditions, fibromyalgia or muscle strains- the staff of First Choice Physical Therapy may use such modalities as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, TENS, traction or iontophoresis to help alleviate your pain.


Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation

The therapists at First Choice Physical Therapy believe it is important every client has the tools to maintain their health after therapy.  Each client will have a home exercise program to continue using long after their therapy is completed.

It has been estimated that 42% of the adult population report episodes of dizziness or vertigo and in patients over 70 it is the #1 complaint to physicians.  The good news is that with the proper exercise, balance and dizziness symptoms can significantly improve.  Our therapists have received specialized education in the treatment of dizziness and imbalance.

Post Orthopedic Surgery Rehabilitation

Our staff has worked with local physicians to coordinate the follow up physical therapy treatment necessary to provide a successful outcome following your orthopedic surgery.  From spinal fusions, ACL repairs, total joint replacements and tendon repairs we have the knowledge and expertise to assist you in obtaining your goals after surgery. 


Stroke Rehabilitation

Following a stroke or TIA physical therapy will assist you in obtaining your optimum independence.  Treatment may include gait training, strengthening, activities of daily living and home assessments.

Treatment of Arthritis

In physical therapy you will learn therapeutic exercises designed to preserve the strength and use of your joints as well as how to reduce the strain on your joints during daily activities and how to modify your home or work environment .


Musculoskeletal Injuries

Musculoskeletal Injuries- All of us will experience some sort of muscle, tendon or bone injury in our lifetime.  Normally we will heal without difficulty but occasionally these injuries require the skilled intervention of a physical or occupational therapist.  Treatment may involve modality treatment for pain relief, therapeutic exercise for strengthening or flexibility or manual therapy techniques to assist in increasing ROM and pain relief. 

Free Sports Evaluation

First Choice Physical Therapy provides free assessment of sport related injuries.  If you are injured during a sporting activity and have questions or concerns, our therapists will complete a free assessment of the injury.   Recommendations for physical therapy treatment, recommendations for return to activity or referral to a physician will be made at that time.  If treatment is necessary our focus will be geared to your specific injury and sport to return you to play as soon as is safely possible.

Women’s Health

Mekenzie "Suzy" Saylor, DPT has received specialized training in Women’s Health.  She will be able to address your concerns with incontinence, pelvic/vaginal pain, and prenatal and postpartum musculoskeletal pain. 

Hand Therapy

Our staff works with three certified hand surgeons to provide optimum recovery and function from injuries and disease processes to the upper extremity.  Treatment may include post surgery management, splinting, modality treatment and modification of home and work environment.

Pain Relief Modalities

Therapeutic Exercise/Strength Training


Leanne Gotvaslee, DPT, offers lymphedema/edema management and treatment along with fitting of various compression types including mulit-layer bandaging specific to lymphedema, compression stockings/sleeves/devices for day time use and specialized night sleeves.  Kinesiotaping techniques for both edema and other soft tissue conditions are also utilized as needed.

Dry Needling

Katie Glessing, MPT and Kelsey Lindquist, DPT have received certification in dry needling.  Functional Dry Needling is a general term for a therapeutic procedure that involves multiple advances of a filament needle into a muscle in the area of the body which produces pain and typically contains a "trigger point."  There is no injectable solution and typically the needle which is used is very thin.

Mekenzie “Suzy” Saylor, DPT has experience and special training to treat and examine children from birth to age 18 who have problems moving and performing other physical activities. Pediatric physical therapists help treat problems like injuries, pre-existing conditions and problems caused by illnesses or diseases. Our most common diagnoses treated are torticollis, plagiocephaly (“flat head”), gross motor delays, and abnormal walking patterns such as in-toeing and toe walking. Pediatric physical therapy differs from traditional physical therapy, as all treatments are completed through functional play activities, designed to target specific muscles, that are easily replicated at home.