First Choice Physical Therapy Inc.



Cynthia Kihle, DPT – Cynthia, partner, has been providing physical therapy services for 31 years. Her specialties include orthopedics, manual therapy and treatment of low back and neck pain.




Reed Argent, MPT – Reed, partner, has been providing physical therapy services for 25 years.  His specialties include orthopedics, manual therapy, sports medicine and occupational medicine including ergonomic assessments and post offer screens.



Katie Glessing, MPT- Katie has been providing physical therapy services for 19 years.  Her specialties are in orthopedic care, manual therapy, vestibular dysfunction, and wheelchair assessments.  Katie provides care at our main clinic location as well as covering the PACE program.

Brenda Holsten –  Brenda has 30 years experience working in the health care field in numerous different aspects. She loves working with people and will help with all your insurance concerns here at First Choice Physical Therapy.



Kayla Lambrecht, DPT - Kayla has been providing physical therapy services since 2011.  Her specialties include orthopedics, muscular disorders, running/gait analysis, manual therapy (including Functional Dry Needling 1), Kinesio Taping (KT1 and KT2), and hand therapy.

Jodi Nickelson - Jodi has 20 years experience working in the healthcare field in many different aspects.  She is very happy to assist with any insurance questions that may arise.

Erica Hjelmstad, DPT - Erica has been providing physical therapy services since 2016. Her specialties include include orthopedics, muscular disorders, manual therapy (including M1 Graston and Functional Dry Needling 1 certifications), Kinesio Taping (KT1 and KT2), pediatrics, and women's health/pelvic floor health.

Kim Sutton - Kim has been with First Choice Physical Therapy since May 2018. She brings with her 12 years experience in different aspects of the healthcare field. She loves working with our patients and is very happy to assist in scheduling your appointments.

Suzy Sayler, DPT  - Suzy is a recent graduate of the UND PT program.  Suzy treats orthopedic, neurologic, and pediatric patients in our main clinic.  She also travels to assist with the care of our clients at the various assisted living facilities.

Leanne Gotvaslee, DPT , CLT- Leanne has been providing physical therapy services since 2008, with a focus on geriatrics.  Leanne provides treatment at the main clinic but also travels to provide in home treatment for assisted living facility residents.  Currently we provide treatment for residents at The View, Maple View Memory Care, The Wellington, and Elmcroft.  Leanne is also a certified Lymphedema Therapist and can provide treatment for acute and chronic swelling, as well as compression garment fitting.


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Kelsey Lindquist, DPT

Bailey Neubauer, DPT.